About me

My name is Liudmila (Mila) Listrovaya. I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Sociology, University of Oregon. I do research on Environmental Politics and Inequality, Climate Discourse, Resource Governance, and Media. I use Russia as a case study. Currently, I am working on finishing my dissertation that analyzes deforestation discourse in Russia and its connection to the state agenda, Russia's turn to authoritarianism, culture, environmental inaction, and inequality.​I speak Russian, English, and Mandarin Chinese. I have a good but largely passive understanding of Belarusian and Ukrainian. ​Before coming to the US to pursue a Ph.D., I lived in St. Petersburg. I obtained a Specialist degree from St. Petersburg State University in 2015. During my undergraduate studies, I also lived and studied in Taiwan (成功大学) and China (天津外国语大学).